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Artist call out: New Forest District Council Litter Campaign

Updated: May 3

New Forest District Council are seeking a local artist to produce a piece which will promote the messages of the Look Out For Our Forest Campaign (LOFOF) alongside our celebration of 50 years of New Forest District Council.

The campaign heavily draws on ‘local pride’ as a motivator, it would be fitting for this to be

reflected within the sculpture’s design.

The sculpture will be showcased at the New Forest Show from Tuesday 30th July 2024. Afterwards, the sculpture will tour various locations around the Forest to promote the LOFOF campaign before its final installation in a, yet to be determined, location where it will be encased within a cage and allowed to degrade as a final artistic representation of the lasting impact of litter.

The sculpture will be accompanied by a plaque with the following statement:

“Though this sculpture will degrade over time, the litter it is made from shall remain long after. Celebrating 50 years of New Forest District Council, recognising our mission to reduce the lasting impact of litter across the district.” 

Budget : £5,000

Closing date: Monday 13th May

For more information please read the full brief:

Look Out For Our Forest Litter Sculpture - Artist's Brief
Download PDF • 617KB

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