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Professional experience projects for 13 - 18 year olds
supported by Olivia Inspires 


PORTFOLIO allows our Folio partner organisations to work with local secondary schools to provide professional creative industry experiences to young people in the New Forest. With 15 Arts, Heritage and Cultural partner organisations, full of expertise and professional resource we are in a unique position to offer young people experiences in a range of career interests. 

PORTFOLIO projects can be designed to suit the school, young people and/or art form. Each project will look to:

  • Expose young people to creative and cultural professionals and organisations

  • Create a mentor/mentee environment 

  • Work towards a professional brief and teach the skills required to deliver this

  • Result in individual work towards a portfolio which can be used for college, university or job interviews

  • Provide an experience above and beyond that of what can be delivered in school

  • Provide support and signposting to pursue interests, if required

We are happy to work with all schools and colleges based in the New Forest and encourage teachers to reach out for a chat if you are interest in discussing a potential project.

We are really proud to be supported by Olivia Inspires a local charity committed to ensuring Arts provision is accessible to all, especially those experiencing financial inequality. As part of this partnership we are able to offer both fully funded and part funded options.

Current projects: 

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