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Folio for Schools

Folio for Schools
a network and programme of events and projects designed to connect schools with local arts and culture organisations

Folio is committed to developing engagement in Arts and Culture in the New Forest district. As part of this commitment we are keen to support creative learning for all ages and abilities. 

Did you know? The New Forest has recently been identified by Arts Council England as a ‘Priority Place’ meaning that engagement with the Arts and Culture in the district is lower than the national average. With this new status, lasting three years, a series of investments in the Arts and Culture have started to take place across the New Forest district.

We are launching a schools network to keep you informed of all the Arts and Culture opportunities and investments taking place in the area. The main aim of the network is to feed information to you and your schools about opportunities for projects, funding, training and more. We understand that as teachers your time and resources are limited and building relationships with every arts organisation individually may not always be feasible. By creating this network we can share information with you from a variety of sources and compile useful information for you.


Please use the sign-up form below to join us, this form also allows you to feedback how this network might support you best.

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