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Mental Health Awareness Week - Folio spotlights

As we reach the end of this year's Mental Health Awareness Week it's important to highlight the excellent work that Folio does throughout the year to support our communities across the New Forest, but also to take a moment to share and listen to one another (where we have capacity) and make space for taking care of our own wellbeing.

Here are a few examples (and by no means an exhaustive list!) of what some of you are doing at the moment:

The Green Halo Partnership invites you to immerse yourself in the New Forest National Park at a major conference to highlight the value of nature to our health and wellbeing in the face of the climate, nature and health crises.

Game is an hour of fun for adults who want to feel better, braver, fitter and have some fun. This project gives adults the chance to be a bit silly and use fun as a means of creative rest, giving your brain a bit of a break from itself.

Coda work with people of all demographics in various ways throughout the year, including music sessions for adults with learning difficulties and for those living with dementia. This work sits alongside their outreach programme, which aims to use music as a tool for change and support their community to look at issues such as social deprivation, ill health and isolation.

And here are some case studies from Arts Council England for a bit of light bedtime reading.

Don't forget to sign up to our next Folio networking and talk from Fluid Motion Theatre Company at their new Totton location in July where we'll be finding out about their plans for the space and how to consider mental health in our work.

Sign up here for your free ticket: Totton Creative Hub

Header image is of Steve and Ironwood (aka Phil) from a walking experience at the weekend, which was surprisingly good for everyone's mental health!

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