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Creative Conversations - thank you!

Updated: Jun 24

Working towards the creation of a cultural strategy relies on one huge component - all of you. And this week we were lucky enough see around fifty of you to talk creativity, arts and culture in the New Forest, all with the aim of taking your thoughts, opinions and stories with us on this journey to map a creative and cultural future for the district.

Hosted by Minstead Lodge and Forest Arts Centre respectively, sessions were designed and delivered by Chris Rolls, founder of Collective Sense, and invited us to explore our personal relationships with creativity as well as thinking about our communities, both large and small. Chris also ran sessions talking to other members of the wider community including older and younger people, with five further community engagement sessions to come.

This is the very start of this journey and we're so grateful for your contributions. We'll keep you updated about any further opportunities to get involved, and don't forget to sign up to our newsletter for the latest information.

Thank you to Arts Council England, Culture in Common and NFDC for supporting these sessions, and to our marvellous venues for looking after us so well.

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